5 Exotic Scuba Diving Places To Experience In India

Concealed from our proverbial humankind is a bewitching natural submerged earth occupied of vivacious consistency, unsurprisingly crafted structure, striking living things, and an intact lot more that is waiting to be travelled around. India is one such country that offers prosperous water wealth that gives the opportunity to myriad water sports activities. One such sport activity is scuba diving, one of the enthralling sport & also the utmost way to discover the aspects of underwater marine life. Let us find out few places in India that offers us exquisite activities whilst getting a pristine view of sea remains and clear skies.

Andaman & Nicobar

With over 500 unique islands augmented with gleaming clear water, speckled with fine-looking flourished and chirping birds & cold breeze, the alluring Havelock Island consists of seashores, stunning flora and authentic reefs is one impeccable possession in India for scuba diving offering memoirs & adventure to cherish for life. The best times to visit is from between October and May & are considered to be an ultimate time for visiting this island.

Netrani Islands

Located at a mere 10kms distance from Murudeshwara across the exquisite Karnataka Coast, this Petite Island Netrani is an island enormously engaged by chirping pigeons and timid goats. With mesmerizing corals it is home to parrot fish, butterfly fish & trigger fish. It also tenders an outstanding scuba diving location & the best time to experience this enthralling sport is between December and January whilst making the most of the underwater world.

Lakshadweep Islands

Nestled a little away from the Malabar Coast, & with a collaboration of few small islands Lakshdweep islands are evolved where in tourist travelling from all across the globe can get to experience myriad water sport activities like Scuba Diving & Snorkelling. Blessed with mind-boggling scenery &white coral sands, clear marine flora, this island is delight to explore amazing sports midst nature. The best time to visit this place is from November to May.


So when we talk about water activities in hotcfarmersmarket.com/7-magnificent-places/ India, then how can we not mention Goa? With profuse corals, astonishing shells and fishes, scuba diving in Goa is an unforgettable experience to cherish for life. And the best time to visit it is in the month from November to May respectively.

Clinique Island (Port Blair)

A popular destination & a well-known for its underwater serendipity & rich marine life, the atoll offer myriad underwater activities like scuba diving leaving you bewitched with sights like sharks, black corals and some splendid marine life to explore.

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