7 Wise Tips for Seo Friendly Content Writing

Getting your website in top ranks of the search engine is hard. But it’s not hard if we have proper Search Engine Optimization. King of Seo content is the major factor that affects the ranking of your article or website. To be clearer, we need content that is Seo friendly. In this article, we are giving you ideas for Seo Friendly Content Writing. Before initiating for your Seo friendly article, keyword research is must. If you want excellent search result for you in search engines, you must have to do keyword research. In this stage, you need to determine what type if words your audience are actually searching for in the search engines.

What is the purpose of your article?

Identify the purpose for which you are writing the content. What your audience will get from your article after reading your content ?

Follow a structure for your article

Introduction (Introduce about a topic where you are writing blog posts).
Body (You should give the main message here).
Conclusion (Summaries your article and give conclusion).

Use of paragraphs

Make use of paragraphs. But start paragraph logically. Don’t create paragraph just to make looks of the article better.

Use of headings

To structure the whole article, use headings. Not only for the purpose of readability but for proper SEO too, use of heading is necessary. Don’t forget to use headings and sub-headings.

Use signal words

Signal words like First of all, Secondly, Surely, nevertheless etc will help to make your content great in terms of readability.

Article Length

Before publishing your article on website, make sure that your article length is not less than 300 words. Don’t forget, only write long articles if you are expert in it and use focus key phrase.

Internal Linking

It’s absolutely necessary to link your previous contents with same topics in your website if you have an article previously written.If you have any queries regarding the content optimization for Search engine, you can mail us.

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