Benefits of Quitting Smoking

There are many benefits to quitting smoking, and i will go over some of them here. First, however, it must be mentioned that a Slavic day by day smoking cessation list of how you will experience it cannot be made, as we are all individual there will be some variation, so read this with that thought in mind.

Within the first day of quitting smoking, it will happen that your blood pressure starts to improve, and your blood circulation will thereby improve. Your fitness will also start to improve immediately on the first day, and your risk of getting a blood clot in the heart should also start to decrease here.

Within the first week, your smoke-free breathing will continue to cleanse your blood, and overall your immune system will improve, simply because there is one less poison in the blood to fight. You will also have the advantage that you will start to be able to smell much better, and your sense of taste will begin to return to a more normal state for the body.

In the following weeks, you will experience days when hours have passed without you thinking about smoking, and although it takes years for some to forget smoking, the vast majority will experience periods when they completely forget the thought of smoking.

Your teeth will be nicer as they will no longer be stained by nicotine, and somewhere along the way you will stop waking up with a morning cough and the associated mucus in your mouth. However, there will probably also be days when not being able to smoke will take up so much that you will consider starting again, and this is where you need to find your motivation to complete your smoking cessation and stick with it for a long time to come.

There are of course far more benefits to quitting smoking than I can articulate here, some of them individual, but the vast majority go through many of the same symptoms.

Passive smoking

Of all the smoke emitted from a cigarette from the time it is lit until it is puffed, only a quarter is inhaled by the smoker. The rest goes out into the environment and is inhaled by others. The smoke from a cigarette can be divided into main smoke and side smoke. The main smoke is inhaled by the smoker and filtered in the smoker’s lungs before being released into the air again on exhalation.

More than half of a cigarette burns up between the puffs and forms side smoke which, due to the temperature difference in the embers, has a different chemical composition than the main smoke. The particles that are released are biologically active and stick to the mucous membranes of those who inhale the side smoke. It is thought to explain the unexpectedly high risks of passive smoking. Children are extra receptive and sensitive. Passive smoking is estimated to kill close to 500 people each year.

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