Furniture Online – South Africa

With South Africa being a large country, buying furniture online has become the new trend. There are several furniture stores here offering their furniture online and most “offline” furniture stores have the chance to deliver their furniture to further destinations. In our article, we would like to explore the best online furniture stores that you can visit in South Africa.

Nevada Furniture

South Africa is great in terms of furniture, yet there is one brand, which is missing from here to the dismay of many: the IKEA. Yet South Africa has found the solution to this problem, which the help of Nevada furniture which offers all the best selection of IKEA furniture online. They ship the IKEA furniture from the closest destination where there is IKEA, which is probably Australia. The price of their IKEA furniture is therefore slightly higher than the original one, yet thanks to all the advantages of online selling, it is not much higher. Check out Nevada furniture online on their website.

Furnish Me New

This is an upmarket furniture-selling website, which offers the home and outdoor furniture collection of over 10 different South African brands. Here you can get to find everything in different styles and forms and it is sure that you will find the best furniture here to your taste. Furnish Me New delivers furniture to any part of South Africa and claims to save up on prices by staying online. You can get to find great quality furniture at Furnish Me New website.


Gumtree is the largest ad site of South Africa where you can get to find new and used furniture online, in huge variety. Although you do not buy here furniture online, you can get to spot some of the best deals all across the country. Several stores also promote some of their furniture over here with daily discounts. Check out this website if you are in need of one or few furniture items to your home.

OKHA Furniture

Ohka is one of the best upmarket furniture brands of South Africa with a great deal of modern and lightly retro and even vintage style furniture to create a unique blend of style in your home. OKHA is more than 20 years old but has always been famous for being one of the most creative brands always in parallel or even ahead of the international furniture trends. OKHA has several physical stores in Cape Town and Johannesburg but you can also buy furniture online from the website of the brand.

Furniture City

One of the biggest furniture chains in South Africa, Furniture city has a great deal of affordable collections in your home and sells it furniture online with delivery all across the country. Check out the great collections of Furniture City and in case you prefer to check it out and buy it online, all you need to wait for is the delivery service, which is to deliver your furniture to your door.

These are currently some of the very best online furniture stores and sites where you can get to buy furniture online in huge variety in South Africa. Online shopping has definite advantages and sometimes you can either end up saving money, you can get to buy such items from such brands which are otherwise not located in your area.

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