Get Yourself a Safe Car Seat

When luck strikes and you become a father/mother for the first time, you are so preoccupied with the little one, and the fact that you have suddenly become a parent, that the whole surrounding world does not matter so much anymore.

But after some time you notice how many choices you have to make constantly.

The very moment you learn that there is a new life, the thoughts appear: what should the baby be called, where will the newborn have a room which bike seat should we buy, how do we divide maternity leave and all the many other choices to be made.

Baby chair no. 1 has also been found, but suddenly the baby has become too old for it and now the time has come for a new one.

World Wide Web is checked: what have other parents done to ensure that the newborn sits as safely as possible when he/she is going in the car.

Security is expensive

Furthermore, a number of tests have been carried out which demonstrate that a large number of the approved car seats are not at all as safe as believed. One of the reasons is that the little one’s head is very large and has a large load in relation to the body, and if there is a collision, the upper part of the child’s back and neck can be seriously damaged, it could be compared to us adults having a head as heavy as a bowling ball.

Which car seat should we choose

It is definitely recommended that the little one is transported in a rear-facing car seat! The council for greater road safety refers to the use of rear-facing car seats, as far as possible and it is often seen that children sit in rear-facing car seats until they are 4-5 years old and the car brand only recommends rear-facing seats for smaller children. The problem is that it is not possible to install a rear-facing car seat, and therefore rear-facing car seats are less common on the boards where parents exchange experiences on the subject.

After we had studied the advice, there was no doubt about which car seat no. 2 we should get because we agreed with the safety, we found one that fit well with a smaller car and was easily installed using the mounted 3- point harness and the rails from the front seat (is fix car seat). We got rid of, everything included, quite a bit smaller than the corresponding forward-facing car seat and it must be used for the child weighing 25 kg.

There is sadly not enough focus on the safest models of car seats. Instead, more attention is paid to those that are trendy at the moment. The security is fundamental to protect what is definitely the most necessary for us: our gold nuggets.

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