Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit are becoming the financial solution for many Americans today.

Home Loan Services represents as an affiliate one of the top rated lenders in the industry. Their home equity loans and lines of credit rates are one of the most competitive in the industry and they do not charge the borrower closing costs, points or application fees.

The bank that we represent was one of the first banks to offer a 30 year fixed rate home equity loan into market. This means lower payments for the customers per month and in the rising rate environment will assist many borrowers as the need for fixed rate home equity loans continues to grow.

In addition, Home Loan Services offers information on being able to finance new home loans and mortgages as well as loan refinancing. The firms that we represent are leaders in their field and enjoy a reputation for efficient fast service and customer care.

In recent years many homes have had a tremendous appreciation in value. Since home loan equity loans and lines of credit are established based on a home’s appraised value this means that homeowners may well be able to establish substantial home equity loans or lines of credit and use the cash proceeds for any worthwhile purpose.

Once established the home loan becomes a flexible financial tool. Many parents have relied on their credit lines to pay for their children’s college expenses. Buying a new car may be a lot less expensive with a low home loan rate rather than using auto dealer or bank auto loan financing. Perhaps the home owner wants to make improvements to his home, say a new kitchen and bathroom. And it makes a lot of sense to pay off credit card balances with high interest rates with a lower cost home equity loan or line of credit.

No problem. The home equity loan or line of credit can be used for any one of these purposes and a lot more.

We recommend a top tier secure financial institution for this important home loan financial transaction. One that you know without a doubt will provide a high level of service and be there when you need them the most. Take a few simple steps today to qualify for a home equity loan you will invest only a few moments of your time as the service is free.

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