Kitchen Furniture South Africa

Kitchen is a hugely important part of all home and not only should it look good, but also should come in all styles, sorts and sizes. Next to outlook, practicality and security plays a largely important part in the quality of kitchen furniture. In South Africa, you can find a great deal of kitchen furniture.

Morkels is one of the biggest furniture chains in South Africa, one of the very few general furniture stores that also deal with kitchen furniture. Morkels offers various kitchen sets and built-in kitchen furniture. Check out the great variety of Morkels kitchen furniture at the various locations of Morkels all across South Africa.

Reto Kitchen is one of the oldest kitchen furniture producers in South Africa. They offer high quality kitchen sets in all sorts of styles, forms and are ready to customise kitchens to one’s available space. The company is more than 40 years old and their basic style is contemporary. Find the store of Reto Kitchens in Cape Town, where the band is based.

Trueb Kitchens represents an artistic form of kitchen furniture making in which they produce great quality kitchens for all individual kitchen spaces. Their central office is based in Cape Town and their brochure can be straight seen or downloaded online. The Kitchen Studio, is one of the biggest bedroom and kitchen furniture producers in South Africa, the company has several stores in the big cities of South Africa. The variety of kitchen furniture is very wide and their prices are affordable. Kitchen Studio has fine quality kitchen furniture suitable for every home. They have their stores in every bigger city of South Africa. Check out their website for their full catalogue.

L Cannate & Sons is one of the oldest kitchen furniture making company of South Africa. Established in 1910 L Cannate & Sons has kitchen furniture of exceptional quality, for all those who are fond of classic, British style kitchens. The company also has some of the widest ranges of stones from onyx to marble, to make your kitchen look immaculate, safe and clean at the same time. The company is one of the very few which has become so famous that it also exports its furniture to different other countries.

There are several great stores all through South Africa, which specifically deal with marble and stone surfaces for kitchens and for bathrooms. These include such brands as Primo Granite & Marble (Cape Town), Silestone (Johannesburg) or Vicostone all of which are dealing with a huge quantity of international surface producing brands.

Apart from kitchen furniture, you can find fine kitchenware in every single shopping malls of South Africa, out of which we must underline the Gateway and St. Lucia Shopping Malls of Durban, which represent the widest variety of home and kitchenware and unique products. If you are looking for quality kitchen furniture, check out the brands enlisted above to see the nice diversity of South African kitchen furniture.

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