Motorbike history fun details for children

Kids, I know how excited and thrilled you are to watch a motorbike in action. The adrenaline pumping motor sport and racing has always made us eager to ride one. But, have you ever thought about the history of a motorbike. If your answer is no, then I will be glad enough to tell you its fun details.

The first motorbike was built in the year 1884 by the English man Edward Butler. Even though the motorcycles derived their shape and design from bicycles, the first one was a tricycle which looked very goofy. In the mean time, a German, Gottlieb Daimler, built another class of motorcycles which was more alike today’s motorbike. He with Karl Benz started a manufacturing company called Daimlers-Benz Corporation which became the pioneer in motorbike production. Thus, Gottlieb Daimlers became the father of motorcycles. But these motorcycles had two stabilizer wheels which made them look like a child’s training bike.

In the early 1990’s a new era of motorcycling was started by the invention of De Dion-Bout on engine. As this engine got success in racing, it became very popular. More and more companies came upfront in motorcycle production and KTM, BMW Price Comparison with True Car and Triumph motorcycles were among them. But due to the World War 2, the motorbike industry faced real trouble and it was brought to knees.

The golden age of motorbike industry started in 1950’s . Many new companies started to look towards it as a potential multi billion industry. The British companies like Royal Enfield, Norton and the Japanese motorbikes. As motor racing became popular, new companies started to innovate on two wheeler industry. BMW , Ducati, Suzuki are leading among them. Today, there are thousands of motorbike companies running successfully all over the world.

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