Preparing for the Economy

While reading some posts on some of my favorite Industry Blog Sites, there are a substantial amount of Analysts that are talking about the recession coming to an end and things are beginning to turn around.
As small business contractors you must continue to go through “Shrinkage”, and not get sucked into believing that the public is going to begin to throw money back into an economy they have begun to question. As we fight through the toughest of economic times that any of us have known, we are at a pivotal point in our business careers.

We are learning the importance of “Shrinkage” and “Growth”. It is a tool that every business owner should learn to use if necessary. The experienced contractor who has listened and learned from studying their business have adapted to this concept.

The smart business owner has prepared for the issues that have plagued our industry from the infamous date of our economic breakdown, due in part to greedy corporation. The smart business man has made preparation for shrinkage and has mobilized himself for the turnaround in the economy.

Under no circumstances should you be thinking that this Winter, or for that matter, this coming Spring are going to see Sales like you saw back in the 2007 Season. But do keep in mind that you will have to be ready when the consumers do begin to pump more money into our economy.

Until that time, look closely at your financials. Look closely at your expenses. Scale back where you can. Cut costs where ever they are possible. Most importantly, hang on. If you haven’t begun to get a plan together for “Shrinkage” and you are still continuing to dredge along and see that you are not coming anywhere close to where your projections need to be or have been, feel free to give me a call. We can quickly put together a plan that can be implemented instantly and should yield returns. Best of Luck…

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