Promoting Your Hair Salon Business

If you are a professional hair designer and running a hair salon, it is important to have a serious image, yet the hair salon business is a very competitive area. Competing head-to-head is out tough for independent Salon owners. The Big Name Brand Hair Cutting Salons have big corporate behind them, plus household name branding appeal. Below are some tips for hair salon owners:

Where and how to Advertise – Advertising is huge to any business’s success. Where you do is the most important factor as you choose an advert to use You have to keep several of these factors in order when you’re looking to convert your client hard earned money into your business. Taking a strong good look at your business. Knowing where to advertise could be to your advantage if your main goal is to gather more clientele out of what would normally be your client market. The Yellow Pages are a great boost to your advertising if done the correct way. Mailers are good also with coupons on the back. Postcards also reach your target markets and it is just you on the postcard. People often overlook high school and college newspapers. If you think about it. All high schools and colleges have young girls and young adult women. They have two to three social events during the school year. Dances, Frat Socials Parties and the granddaddy of them the Prom. In short, try to have a long time period image and reputation. Years and time should work to the advantage of you.

Your Competition and Image – Being in the Salon business could equate to war. Knowing your competition is important as anything else you will ever do in any business. For instants you need to learn who your competition’s clientele is, how they run their daily operations, the number of support staff and employees they have on hand at your competition’s business, what they offer such as products and services, and how where they advertise. This prime opportunity to know what’s going on so you can better serve your new customer and your existing clientele. You might say this is snoopy or undercutting your competition hey we’re not trying to reinvent slice bread here, are we?

Specials and Additionals – Running specials are a good way to attract traffic into your business and make a change of the guard for new customers that may come in even if it’s only a one-time thing. Proving yourself to them with outstanding customer service you can probably expect a return. Group discounts are another great idea. Having offers like a percentage off for a minimum of appointments. Have a salon party night with drinks and snacks for them. Thing like this attracts a lot of new business traffic and we all know that women love going to the salon together. Extra tip ideas you can use are a punch card with a free cut with a perm or coloring.

Specialize as a Professional – Try to analyze where your shop fit’s into the current environment. Check and see what the other shops in the area are missing and what you can do to fill that void of need. Specializing in two or three things can lead to your success in your business. Whether you are talented at perms, straightening, or bridal and prom hairstyles. Remember there are niches that can fill if look hard enough. Taking time and effort to simply specialize in haircuts at affordable prices and great customer service.

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