SEO and Marketing are the keys to success

Our consulting company specializes in SEO and Marketing activities for new and existing businesses as these are the 2 main components for success in today’s digital industries.

Marketing consultation, why Business Intelligence?

We are serial entrepreneurs since 2008 and have built up several successful companies. During this, we collected complex ‘know how’ and decided that we wanted to share this with our potential partners and establish a consulting firm that doesn’t only deal with advice, but rather accompanies businesses during the whole structuring process until it actually earns the profit.

How does a consultation work?

We first get to know the needs of our clients, which is later followed by a complex analysis process where we research a given company’s marketing presence on the field and their locked potential. We go over every crucial point starting from brand naming, SEO, online and offline marketing.

We establish a one-year plan following this and a reachable goal, while we construct the business plan. This will all be done in cooperation with the team of the company, including them fully in the process.

We don’t deal with single recommendations, we provide you with a fully transparent business plan starting from the very roots of the business processes until the last step.

Our ideal image is not a CEO who takes on daily operative tasks, but rather professionals who provide solutions for these. This is where we can help you out.

Our Services

Marketing consultation is one of the most important activities in the life of a company. Showcasing your product to the outside world could mean the difference between life and death as a new startup. We co-operate with our customers to build up efficient online and offline strategies. We not only give advice but also offer them contacts to several industry professionals, this means that our customers can be assured that they work with tested subcontractors.

SEO Consultation

One of the main focus of Business Intelligence is search optimization. Our team has worked on several websites that managed a turnover of millions of dollars. We offer the following SEO services:

Onsite SEO analytics and implementation
Offsite SEO, link marketing

Content marketing – this results in growing rewards from Google with higher rankings

Content Marketing

This is the cheapest way for a startup to gain growing clientele. We offer a complete guide on how content should be written and managed to receive the fastest delivery to their target audience, this is the key to a profiting business. Content marketing isn’t about creating blogs, but is a rather complex activity.

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