One may wonder where slots have originated from. It can be considered a common game yet very fun and still many people don’t know where it started.

Slots have been believed to have originated from Brooklyn in New York. Two men named Pitt and Sittman developed a machine which was operated through gambling and it ended up being the precursor to the gaming machines we now call the slots.

The early version of the slot machine contained at least five drums, which held up to fifty cards. It resembles and has an affinity to the poker game because the first machine for slots was invented in 1891.

Early slots became very common in the communities and soon every bar in town had one. Nowadays a player can bet dollars on a single spin. Back then however, playing the slots cost a nickel to try your luck. While modern machines have buttons to be pushed, slot machines back in the day had a lever which would be pulled to spin the wheels. However because of the five drums operating in such function, the players before had a very slim chance of winning that’s why most people considered playing the slots not worth even the nickel cost of playing.

Four years before the Pitt and Sittman slot machine, a man named Charles Fey living in San Francisco, California invented and innovated a machine to oppose the poker games with the aim of making it possible to give automatic winnings or payouts.

The original version of the slot machines was made up of three reels that spun along with five symbols namely; diamonds, horseshoes, spades, Liberty bell and hearts. The machine was called the Liberty Bell.

Charles Fey replaced ten cards with five symbols and used 3 reels and did not make use of the five drums which therefore resulted in a more usable and productive paying and gambling machine. The slots then had a huge demand and rose to its immense popularity. Charles Fey was unable to meet demand and had no other recourse but to sell out all the slots thus ending his own legacy.

The slot machines at those times gave away flavored chewing gum matching the machine’s symbols that they were betting on. The slot machines became known for the symbols like melon and cherry. Today the BAR became the widely known symbol because it is still used these days. The symbol of the bar came from Bell-Fruit Gum Co.

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