Tips and Suggestions for Leh Ladakh Trip


Want to experience the beautiful & scenic journey of Ladakh? Visit this euphoric place and make the most of your itinerary by executing your trip with list of some prerequisites necessary for you whilst visiting this place. Get your travel guide so as to avoid necessary baggage.

Medical Necessities :-


AMS medicines as prescribed by your doctor.

First Aid Box containing Bandage, antiseptic creams, scissors, basic medicines, ORS solutions packs to keep you hydrated & few other essentials required to be there in the box.

Since it is going beat a good attitude having sunscreen with 40 SPF will be suitable to be a part of your journey.

Metrogyl and Entroquinol for loose motions.

Candy bars to give you relief while feeling nauseated or getting bored.

Smart Travel Kit

Vehicle complete documents, complete ontime marketing details of the passengers, important phone numbers, emergency numbers, Registration copy.

Travel route map, list of petrol pumps, matchboxes in case of emergency, & pre cooked food.

Identity cards, chocolates & candies.

Electronic Accessories

A place known for its scenic beauty cannot go unnoticed if you have your own electronic gadget to capture every moment and sceneries of your trip.

Camera kit, tripod, batteries, camera bag, memory cards , and a cleaning kit.

Mobile phone, charger, USB cable, memory card jacks, music players and mobile cover case.

Waist pouch for all these expensive items like mobile phones, music players, and memory cards.

Clothing and Toiletries

Warm sweaters, mufflers, warm socks, nylon socks, and body warmers.

Jackets, handkerchiefs, caps, gloves, undergarments, towels, beauty cosmetics (female), 3. Shaving kit, tooth brush, tooth paste, bathing soaps, toilet papers, & chewing Gums.

Thus with all these aforementioned essentials in your backpack can give you just the trip you want without much worrying about them and enjoying your trio to the fullest.

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