Tips for the Car Holiday

There is much to experience in our elongated country. Maybe you should go mountain biking, sunbathe on the beaches or experience the pulse. We’ve rounded up some of our best holiday travel tips, no matter where you’re headed.

Download audio books and fairy tales in advance that you can listen to together in the car. Or listen separately, and then it’s a good idea to bring everyone’s headphones and maybe an extra power bank. Double check that you have chargers with sockets that fit in your car, to be able to charge your phone along the journey. It becomes especially important if it is used as a gps.

Drinks and snacks are important for the mood when you spend many hours in the car. Load up with your favorites. Do you happen to forget something good? No danger, we are with you along the way and have everything that can make your trip a good one. Wet wipes are an extra hot tip. Because we all know that ice cream melts faster than we thought.

Toad and Nintendo are super fun, but don’t underestimate the importance of games that fit in the car. How about who’s on my mind or guess the movie or why not the animal game, where a person says an animal, e.g. Rabbit, and the next person must come up with an animal that starts with the last letter of the word rabbit.

A swim stop on the road is never wrong. Suits especially well for those who have a few ants in their brawl. A tip is to have swimwear and a towel handy.

Summer check the car before you roll out on roads. It is important to ensure that the car is properly equipped and is in good condition for long journeys. Check the oil level and washer fluid before the car holiday and check that the air pressure is correct in relation to the weight of your pack. Does the ac work as it should? Starting cables, tow rope, warning triangle, safety vest and first aid kit are several things that need to be in the car in the event of an emergency. If you are unsure, you can book a summer inspection at one of our workshops.

Important but perhaps not so fun. Do you know your car insurance? Maybe it’s time for additional insurance that covers most things that can happen along the way. Completely without commitment period and which covers everything from incorrect refueling to traffic damage.

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