Top 5 SEO Off-Line Factors That Influence Top Google Rankings

There are many factors that can help to increase your Google rankings. Many of them only offer a small increase when compared to the effort involved. However, the 5 factors discussed in this article are the most powerful and impactful things you can implement right away.

1. Unique content

You need to have quality content on your website in order to secure a high Google ranking. The old days of just stuffing pages with keywords is over and will only get you delisted. You need to separate your content from other websites in your marketplace. The best way to do this is by writing the content yourself and ensuring it is unique.

Offer high value to your readers instead of just pasting random articles that can be found on many other websites. Don’t copy articles from other sites and put it under your own website, because creating duplicate content and will be penalized by the search engines. Always create your own unique quality content.

2. Keyword Optimization

Once you have quality content, you must ensure that it contains the most relevant keyword for your market (the ones you want to get a high Google ranking for). This is one of the most important steps that you can take.

You need to begin by targeting your main keyword phrases (make these specific). These phrases can consist of a number of words, but make sure they are specific and get a high number of searches each month.

Next you need to optimize different pages of your website for different keywords. This will give you more chance of ranking highly for different keywords (giving you more traffic from different web pages).

Once you have gained a high ranking for the specific keyword, you can then optimize pages for your general market keywords

3. First paragraph will break or make your website

The first paragraph is very important as your online visitor will decide to stay at your website or leave. When you reader stays longer at your website, Google will know that and gives you a better ranking. You need to be consistent for every webpage.

To make a great first impression with the first paragraph, you need to the following:
Add relevant keywords in Meta Title
Add relevant keywords in Meta description
Highlight your content title and subheadings with H1 and H2

By adding relevant keywords and highlighting it with H1 and H2 at these places, you have clearly and quickly shown your readers that this is the right information for them. It is best to have the main keyword appearing three times in the first paragraph.

Avoid repeating your keywords too many times, otherwise Google will consider you are using spamming techniques and remove your website from the search engine. Most important is to make your web content flow. First, write for the reader and then optimize it for the search engines.

When you are reviewing the text, try to change some words and add the primary keyword instead. But remember to make the content flow for the human reader.

4. Create A Simple And User-friendly Navigation

To ensure that Google can crawl your website and find relevant webpage’s linked together, you need to have a simple and effective navigation structure. You also need to create the whole website about one theme (themed sites rank higher than miscellaneous sites).

Organize your webpages. If your website has more than 50 web pages, divide them into sub themes. Don’t put all webpages into one folder. Create several sub folders with different sub themes and move the webpages in the right folder. This allow the user and the Google bot to find the information easily. Think about it, would you like to stay on a website that is crowded with tons of information or would prefer a clean and organized web page?

Create a simple sitemap structure for both your visitors and the search engines. This will ensure that your site can be easily understood by Google and helps your visitors find the right information easily.

5. Fast loading and well coded website

The key is making your website very accessible to Google. Avoid using flash, excessive java scripts and big pictures. This will only make your website very slow. A slow website is not only bad for your Google rnaking, but also lead to a poor user experience.

People don’t like to site and wait for overweight web pages to download. Slow loading website will only turn off your visitors and Google have figured this out as well. This means that the website should have clean code HTML. Make sure that you test your content to ensure Google and the other search engines can read it.

BONUS Factor 6: Find quality link partners

Google still places a high value on the links that point to your website. Without quality links pointing to your website, you will not be given a top ranking. Find other websites in your market that offer quality content and get them to link to your site.

Remember that these websites need to be high quality and related. An link from a website that is unrelated to your website topic has less value than website with a similar topic. Besides other content websites, you should aim to have social bookmarking sites linking to your website. This shows Google that people are reading and commenting on your website, giving it a higher value. In general, try to get as many links as you can that are relevant to your niche market.

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