A Revolutionary New Way to Automate Your Trading

A lot of forex robots, or expert advisors, have become popular over the last few years. It seems like anyone who can possibly write code, has attempted to create the next “big” forex robot.

Unfortunately, so much garbage has been introduced into the market that just flat out doesn’t work, that new traders are finding it difficult to weed through all the crap to find any forex software that might actually yield them a profit they can hold on to.

The biggest problem with the majority of robots is that they can’t think… they can’t adapt to changing market conditions like a human trader can. They are already coded with preset rules. When market conditions change, like they always do, a robot that once worked reasonably well is now destined to fail – and unfortunately when robots fail they tend to fail big.

Introducing the next generation of automated forex software

Forex Executor (not to be confused with Forex Executor Pro) is an innovative forex service that is quickly gaining notoriety in the forex trading community. So, what precisely is Forex Executor? Is it a trading system, an automated robot or a signal service? What sets Forex Executor apart from other systems and why is it being touted as a “game changer”?

First, what is Forex Executor?

Forex Executor is essentially a ‘trade copier’ program, but not like any other trade copier program you’ve seen. It’s unique in many ways. Forex Executor not only provides the most affordable and reliable access to highly profitable forex trading systems, but also provides professional up to date trading portfolios along with fully automated buy/sell signals for its members.

Forex Executor has been designed in such a way that you need absolutely no experience or knowledge of the forex market in order for it to work for you. You just download the Auto Executor Software onto your metatrader platform, and then create your own portfolio from various profitable trading systems inside the members’ area.

The Auto Executor Software will start to analyze the market and will open and close trades for you – and all of this is done on autopilot. However, this is the only similarity between Forex Executor and other commercial forex trading robots.

What makes Forex Executor different from other forex robots and signal services?

Forex Executor is fully automated like a robot, but with Forex Executor, you essentially get an experienced professional forex trader, focused on good money management and account preservation, trading your account for you, 24 hours a day – a real trader who can adapt to changing market conditions, unlike a robot.

One of the biggest unique things about Forex Executor is that you have the ability to create a portfolio consisting of more than one trading system. This is important because it helps to smooth your trading results, so that if one of the systems in your portfolio is having a bad day, there will most likely be another system in your portfolio that can compensate for those losses. This is the same basic principle used by professional hedge fund managers.

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