10 Best Bike Stunts on YouTube

Bike stunt

Bikes for some people just mean a mechanical device used for transportation, but for some crazy lots, it means more than a mere mode of conveyance. The bikers can do some stunts that can take their adrenaline into high orbits of thrill and anxiety. Read on to get a feel of the 10 most amazing stunts performed by bikers on their 2 wheeled mean machines.

The Wheelie: Wheelie is regarded as the simplest bike stunt which is meant to be performed by a rookie for just getting a feel of how a stunt should be done on a bike. By wheelie, we mean to ride the bike on a single rear wheel, while the front one would be lifted in the air. It is a simple stunt to perform. The wheelie has several variations attached to it, which a creative rider can innovate.

The Stop pie: The stop pie is regarded as a trifle dangerous than the wheelie. Stop pie can be performed on either the front wheel or the rear wheel, as per the choice www.rtotech.com of the rider. While executing the stop pie, the rider should make sure to save his face, because in many cases the riders have lost control of the bike while performing the stunt which in turn has led to serious injuries on their face.

The Suicide Burnout: Now, this stunt needs you to procure wholesome guts before you perform it. Burnout stunt happens when your rear wheel produces a lot of smoke due to friction on its base. In suicide burnout, you have to stand with your bike and gun it while applying the front bike while making a rotation which will produce a lot of friction and smoke, now that will look cool and will surely spellbound the onlooker.

The Jesus Christ: All Hail The Lord Almighty. The trick is really amazing and need you to be daring enough to try hands on it. You would have to learn balancing; once you have practiced the balancing, and then perform the stunt. Get the momentum on bike. When you are confident that the bike is in healthy motion, and then try to stand on the fuel tank. It will not only make your adrenaline go high but also of the viewer, undoubtedly.

The Superman: The stunt is really amazing and will set your pulse racing. We have seen several disasters in the wake of this stunt. The Superman requests you to accelerate your bike to madness on a ramp, hurl yourself with the bike over the ramp and fling your body. And try to get hold of the back seat, since doing the trick on handlebar would be plain vanilla.

The Front flip: The stunt is highly dangerous. Even the thought of performing it sends chill down the spine even of the most ace Upgrade bike. The Front flip requires you to accelerate your machine and do a summersault with it. I know it sounds outrageous, but that what Front flip means. It was not until 2008, when a Front flip was successfully executed.

The Kiss of Death: Now, this stunt not only requires guts, but also requires you to be insane. Yes, you heard me right, the stunt is a variation of The Superman, where you would have to be sure of one thing that the speed, height and distance should be fine tuned in advance and you would have to do a handstand on the handlebar! God Bless anyone who would try to perform this stunt.

Back flip: The stunt should be performed by the best of the best. You, as a stunt performer, must be sure that you do not perform the stunt before executing zillions of dummy runs. Caleb Wyatt executed the back flip in 2002 in Rouge Valley Motocross track (RVMX).

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