Cheap Car Insurance for Female Drivers

Cheap car insurance is available for both males and females alike, but insurance companies depend upon the official statistics of the driving records of both sexes provided by the government before they are able to sell a cheap car insurance. Based on these statistics, many car insurance companies provide more of cheap car insurance for female drivers after coming to the conclusion that on the whole, females are found to be safer drivers than men, and hence qualify for getting cheap car insurance more often than males. The official statistics may not lead one to the conclusion that females are naturally entitled to cheap car insurance simply because they are better drivers than men, but it highlights one important fact that females are involved in lesser number of accidents involving mainly minor hits, or other minor offences than any major accident. This is due to the fact that on the whole, females are found to drive their vehicles more cautiously than males and consequently get fewer driving tickets than males.
Female drivers also make fewer and less expensive claims than men and also make fewer speeding fines and endorsements on their licenses as a result of their cautious and more safe approach to driving than men. Hence, male drivers end up by paying higher premium on their insurance than their female counterparts. As females pose less of a risk to the insurance companies in filing claims, they are able to get better rates on their insurance.

Women drivers are also found to go for the less flashy, and a more practical and safer car than men who tend to go mainly after the looks of the car. Due to this, insurance companies are finding women a safer bet on which to place their risk. More and more insurance companies are coming forward and offering them the most competitive rates available in the market. Before going in for low cost car insurance, women can make an online survey of insurance companies and find out which company offers them the rates which best suits them.

Women drivers can take a number of measures in order to obtain cheap car insurance at favorable rates. If they install safety devices in their cars like airbags, alarms and other security features, they can obtain low cost car insurance from insurance companies. Female drivers can also go in for a car which has a lower engine capacity and avoid installing additional fancy features to their cars like alloy wheels, and thus keeping premium costs low. In order to obtain cheap car insurance, women can do some research on the various discounts that are being offered by insurance companies, and in this way, pick up the best car insurance rates and land a good deal for themselves.

Insurance companies offering car insurance for women also look into the aspect of mileage of the cars. If the women use cars only for short distances or for driving around locally, or use their cars for basic household chores, they are eligible for a discount.

Even though cheap car insurance for females may not exist or may be difficult to find, a woman with a good driving record can save up to 25% on the cost of insurance than men, depending upon the insurance company she would be taking insurance with.

Cheap car insurance for female drivers is rather easily available to those who are involved in lesser accidents and who have a clean driving record. An insurance company can offer car insurance for women at a discount to those who have such a driving record for the last couple of years. But as statistical evidence is showing, there are increasing incidents involving females not so much on the bright side of things. They are found to be driving more aggressively, and also driving more longer distances than before. This could have a knock-on effect on mileage, an important factor while determining the size of the car insurance policy. Notwithstanding such observations, cheap car insurance for female drivers is here to stay and offered by insurance companies more than ever.

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