Comparing Traditional and New Media Marketing Techniques

Comparing both traditional media and new media marketing will help you understand why it’s easier to start a business today than it was in the past. Starting and marketing a business today is far cheaper than it has been in the past. Traditional media marketing means advertising on TV, radio, and newspapers, along with direct mail marketing. When you look at the cost to place an ad in the newspaper in the classified section or paying for a radio and television spot on a show the cost is even higher. Direct mail is a must just to let the neighborhood where your store is located know about your store and provide giveaways just to get them in the door at your grand opening. Before you even open the doors of your brick and mortar store you have to advertise with a budget of at least $50,000 and up.

With technology, the cost of new media marketing is far cheaper. The cost is lower since you can work from home and just log into the company mainframe of the company that you work with. As an affiliate of that company your advertising consists of auto res-ponders to send emails to your mailing list; social media where you can post videos, articles, and interact with different people and you can build relationships for referral marketing. With an RSS feed, you can market your videos, articles, or podcast. You have access to solo ads where you can promote your product on some platforms for free and on other advertising platforms for a nominal fee. You can also form joint ventures where you cross-promote to each other’s contacts.

As an entrepreneur starting your own small business, starting a brick-and-mortar store means having half $1 million in the bank before you even get started to cover expenses. With an online business, you can get started for far less. If you don’t have products to sell you can join affiliate programs and market their products as an adjunct and complement to your services to your customers. If you don’t want to do the marketing of your business yourself, you can also outsource the work that you don’t want to do to a virtual assistant who works from home for a nominal fee.

As an affiliate of a company, they will mentor you and teach you everything you need to know about running a business online. They can do this by giving you swipe emails to use in your marketing of their products, suggestions on where to advertise online, what groups to join in social media, and how to promote their product. You can get this great training while at the same time earning money from their company helping them sell their products. Along the way, you can also be developing your own products to sell.

If you tried to start your online business from scratch and take seminars or webinars it could easily cost you thousands of dollars to have someone mentor you before you develop and sell your products. This is how technology has influenced our lives and made it easier for businesses to get started in the 21st century.

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