Pink Wedding Chair Decorations

Planning a colorful wedding is always an appropriate idea for those who want a fun and festive event. In our opinion, weddings are supposed to be cheerful affairs and for that couples should opt for a more vibrant theme or color scheme. There is no other day in the life of a couple that requires so much color, vibrancy and energy. To obtain a dynamic atmosphere and yet a romantic mood, we suggest you take into consideration using the pink theme. This color is ideal for weddings because it is versatile and can be arranged and combined in various ways.

Pink is feminine and sensual, and it can fit both formal and casual wedding ceremonies and receptions. When it comes to planning the décor, the best way to incorporate the color picked for the theme is to use fresh flowers. A wedding couldn’t be complete without flowers and so we suggest you take good care of this part. Brides who love the pink color can create gorgeous arrangements of pink blooms for the bouquets, the corsages and boutonnieres, for the aisle, altar and chairs.

As for the reception party,  every corner of the wedding can be adorned with colorful flowers! You just need to use your imagination and create a unique décor that can fit both your personality and the wedding formality. In this article, we’ve planned to discuss the pink theme and how to incorporate it into the chair decorations. As we said before, the best way to color your wedding is through the flowers. So, for the wedding ceremony, we suggest you pick the best pink flowers that fit the season and the theme of the event.

Pink can be sweet, delicate and romantic, but it can also be dramatic and whimsical, depending on the shade you pick. The pastel shades are ideal for spring and winter time weddings, while the darker tones are more adequate for summer and fall weddings. Among the most popular types of pink flowers that are nowadays picked for weddings both vintage and modern, we mention the following assortments: hydrangeas, ranunculuses, peonies, tulips, orchids, garden roses, freesias and lilacs.

If you’re planning a romantic wedding in spring, or you’re going for a superb Asian theme, we suggest you use cheery blossoms or peonies. For fall weddings, the best pink wedding flower ideas for decorating the chairs are gerbera daisies, dahlias, carnations, zinnias, asters and chrysanthemums.

The ball-shape arrangements can fit properly a casual wedding ceremony spent outdoors. The cone-shaped bouquets however can make more proper selections for classic or vintage elegant ceremonies. You can choose any other type of bouquet shape or design for the chairs.

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