Reviews of the Best Online Commodities brokers

One of the major decisions that a trader needs to make to have a lucrative commodity trading is by choosing the best online commodity broker. Deeply understanding the dynamics which are involved in choosing the commodity broker is a very important phase of trading online commodities. The main aim of trading online commodities is not to ensure only the safety of your money, but also earn some profits out of the investment. For this purpose, you need to pick a commodity broker, who will assist you throughout your trading journey. Here, in this article we are providing you the small and informative reviews of top brokers available on the web. You can pick any of these brokers that will best fits to your requirements.

ICICI Comm Trade: They are one of the leading commodity brokers in the industry and they allow people to trade in commodities to generate great profits in this field. They are an active service broker, which provide all the major trading services like online trading, call and trade. They give an outstanding range of investment options to the institutional and retail traders using their wide network of ICICI. With ICICI broker, you can trade through two different platforms; one is the basic net based platform and second is a trade racer platform.

RKSV: It is best known as a discount broker, started in the year 2009. Basically, it was introduced by the three entrepreneurs and they give a competitive brokerage rate of Rs 20 per trade. It would be better for you if you trade more than 5 times in a single day and save most of your brokerage. As far as their safety measures are concerned, they are capable of giving you a safe and secure trading platform.

Zerodha: It is one of the most popular and the largest discount brokers in India. Currently, more than 40,000 customers are trading with them. They charge around Rs 20 for per trade irrespective of the cost of the trade. Don’t forget that they are a discount broker, so never expect any recommendation from them regarding which commodity to purchase. They provide you an online trading platform to trade conveniently. Even though they also have a call and trade service options.

Reliance Comm Broker: This is one of the leading names in the trading sector, which is best known for its services and trading options. It has around more than 22 lakhs clients in India. It provides a massive range of investment options to the traders, including equities trading, currency derivatives trading, IPO investment and the most important commodity trading such as gold, silver and crude, etc. It provides an easy to trade platform to the traders, which is based on the browser. Additionally, it also allows you to trade through your mobile devices.

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