The kabuki brush has increased in popularity with the growing number of companies making mineral makeups. This type of brush is used with the bare essentials makeup line of products and many other mineral makeup. The short handle kabuki brush often has a full and rounded head with soft, dense bristles. The bristles were made of animal hair but now are available in synthetic fibers or a combination of animal and synthetic.

The size of the brush make it a great choice when traveling. The kabuki brush is generally not sold in sets making them a more costly choice sometimes as much as $50 each.

The kabuki brush is most commonly used for apply mineral foundation or blush to the face. You dip the bristles into the makeup of choice. Next you tap the brush to remove any excess makeup. Now you rub the brush on your skin in a cirular motion. With improved use of the kabuki brush you can get a high quality makeup finish at

To clean the kabuki brush you can use a mild makeup brush cleaner or a mild soap. Start by rinsing the brush with warm water and then apply the makeup brush cleaner or soap. Gently rub the bristles to loosen any makeup in the brush. Use warm water again to rinse until all the soap is completely out. Always air dry your kabuki brush as not to damage the bristles.

There are a lot of companies that manufacture the kabuki brush. A highly rated company is EcoTools. They receive great reviews about the quality of their products and also have very affordable brushes. Common problems with cheap brushes is that they shed but the Ecotools has a lot of good comments on how their products don’t do this.

Although Bare Essentials pushed the popularity of the kabuki brush, there are customers who find their brush are not as good as expected. The customer reviews repeatedly mention the brushes shedding and leaving bristles on their faces and clothes. They also complain that they don’t feel as soft as some of the other brands.

Adding a kabuki brush to your makeup tools can help get you that professional makeup look. Just remember to check out other customer reviews to make sure your are getting your moneys worth.

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