Tips for Packing Light for Your Next Vacation

Planning a vacation or weekend getaway this season? Save yourself some money on the cost of checked bags and the hassles of lost luggage by packing everything you need in a carry-on bag. Packing light can help to reduce some of that travel stress and save you money on the total cost of your vacation. Putting together a checklist of must-haves and making sure your carry-on bag fits the airline’s size requirements are some important first steps.

Here are some useful tips for packing light for your next vacation:

Choose the Right Shoes

Your shoes can be some of the heaviest items you pack on vacation so make sure you’re choosing one or two pairs of shoes that are fairly lightweight and versatile. If you’re planning to buy a new pair of shoes specifically for the trip, take a close look at the design specifications so you know how much the pair weighs. Women can pack ballet flats or lightweight sneakers, while men can go for some lightweight loafers and some styles of sneakers for everyday wear.

Scale Down on Toiletries

Even though many beauty and hair care product manufacturers make travel-size versions of all your favorite items, you can scale back even more by only taking what you will realistically use. You can buy clear plastic bottles and small containers to store just a few days’ worth of items so you don’t have to take an entire bottle or jar with you. Think about just the basics you will need for the trip and remember that the hotel or resort might offer a range of amenities as well.

Stick with Lighter Fabrics

When you’re picking out clothing for the trip, choose lighter fabrics that can be layered easily and packed tightly in your suitcase. Heavyweight fleece, wool, and some wool blends don’t pack easily and can end up weighing down your luggage. Stick with nylon, polyester, silks, and cotton blends that can be layered and pack easily. Linen and cotton blends can actually be some of the most versatile types of clothing you have in your carry-on bag for the trip.

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