Best Train Travel Experiences around the Globe

A great way to explore a new area is by taking a train ride through the region. While there are a number of tour operators that offer guided train journeys through various locales, you can also enjoy a train ride experience on your own and map out a route that works with your schedule and budget. Taking a train trip through the countryside and exploring new areas can make for a much more memorable and enjoyable trip.

Here’s where you’ll find some of the best train travel experiences around the globe:

Venice-Simpson Orient Express

The famous Orient Express is an old-fashioned train line that connects several European cities and provides upscale accommodations for travelers. You can take a three-day trip to a number of villages and popular destinations in Austria, Switzerland, and France on board the Orient Express. It’s an unforgettable experience and definitely the type of trip you will want to splurge on.

The Far North Scotland Ride

Take the journey from Inverses to Thurs, the most northerly town in the British Isles. This train route is often overlooked but offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the lush countryside and see the beautiful Scottish scenery. You can sight of some wildlife and animals roaming in their natural habitat on any given day, and also enjoy comfortable accommodations on the 4-hour ride.

Trans-Siberian Express

This is another epic railway journey that you need to make at least once in your lifetime. The main line route covers almost 6,000 miles between the cities of Moscow and Vladivostok. Today, the route is used primarily by freight trains but passenger trains also run on these tracks every other day. The entire trip takes a week and is one of the more affordable railway journeys you can enjoy any time of year.

Indian Pacific

This railway journey in Australia is a great match or anyone looking to visit some coastal destinations. It’s named after the two oceans it connects – the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean – and goes through the fabled Outback to run through Sydney and Perth. You’ll get to see Eastern Australia’s Blue Mountains, grasslands, and other scenic sites on this three-day trip.

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