Eleven Hair Colour Trends For 2023

Hair trends much like fashion change with seasons. Some may last for a couple of years, some resurface at regular intervals and some are evergreen trends. There are some popular colours of 2022 that are being bid fond adieu and some that have managed to latch on to year 2023.

While some of the bolder hair colour trends have a star appeal or shock value attached to them, there are others that complement individual dressing and makeup style and can be incorporated into your normal lifestyle.

Iced blonde

A cool blond tone, this will remind your hair colour admirers of an empty ice rink. This is a frost finish and not a pastel colour. This looks good on women who are naturally blonde and have a fair or pink complexion. Women who are cool and chic by nature can sport this hair colour very well. You can sport the icy blonde colour on shorter hairstyles like the pixie cut or on long and even length blonde hair.

Scorching Browns

The brown colour shades that will be trending this year will be the rust tones. Warm tones of the brown colour spectrum such as the brunt brown or copper tones will be seen more often in 2023. This hair colour suits most women but looks best on those with fairer skin tones. A glossy styling of the hair will enhance the scorching brown colour effect all the more due to the reflected light.

Dramatic Reds

2023 can be unofficially considered the year of the redheads. This year, the red shades that stand out will not be the ones on the light end of the spectrum, rather true red colours that are both dark and dramatic are in.

Dramatic Reds

The red shades that will have an impact are deep crimson, bright scarlet reds and red rose. Strong red shades such as rust, titan, and russet coppers will command favour with women looking to colour their hair red. When chosen with care, red shades can worn by women of all skin tones.

Dark And Jet Black

A popular hair colour that will be seen on many women will be jet black. Those who love dark shades or their naturally dark mane can further enhance the hair colour by going for inky browns, deep dark browns, petrol blacks, burnt caramel, coffee hues and dark chocolate shades. Dark hair shades can be worn by all but look best on those with olive, dark skin and tanned skin.

Pastel Colours

Pastel colours had a huge run in 2022 and will continue to rock in 2023. Pastel shades are those hair colours that are not found naturally. A hit pastel shade this year will be the colour purple. Other colours that will make you stand out in a crowd are blue greens, shimmering powder pinks and creamy yellow golds.These colours need a confident, rebellious personality to do them justice. They gel well with fair and light brown skin tones. Short hairstyles with a band or fringe enhance these colours. You can also add them as highlighters on the strands of hair in the front or on hair tips.

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