This is different from regular advertising because it’s on the Internet and allows you do A/B split testing to determine what works and what doesn’t work. With data testing and analytics you can monitor what works and what doesn’t work.

Digital marketing can take many forms

  1. Internet
  2. wireless text messaging
  3. mobile instant messaging
  4. mobile apps
  5. podcasts
  6. electronic billboards
  7. digital television
  8. radio channels

Why Is This Important for You to Know

Through this medium consumers have access to information instantly and all the time. Digital Media is also an ever -growing source of entertainment, shopping, and social interaction to maximize your advertising $$$$, Anyone can be exposed to your brand and what the media, customers, peers are saying about your company. This can either make or break your business. Entertainers use this form of media to keep in touch with their fans and interact with them on a daily basis.

Managing Customer Relationships on Digital Media

An Internet Marketer can use this medium to communicate with your customers when they’re the most receptive. All you need to do is have a consolidated view of your customers preferences and expectations on all channels of communication—web, social media, or mobile point of sale.

With this form of communication you can monitor your customers experience along the buying cycle so you can make the necessary changes. The more insight you have into your customers preferences and behavior, the easier to build strong relationships with them and gain a customer for life.

The Challenge of Digital Marketing

Your customers use multiple channels with specific protocols, specifications, and interfaces—which means that each of these devices interact in different ways for different purposes.

Using digital media is relatively cheap and competition is increasing when compared to traditional media, therefore, the competition to reach your customers is increasing.

Consumers leave a trail of data on each separate channel, to help you customize your marketing campaigns

Keys to Digital Marketing Success

Learn to manage customer relationship across all channels–both digital and traditional.

Learn how to respond to and initiate interactions with your customers.

Use the data you collect to make better decisions faster.

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