For the information that is in internet, search engine gets all the data from variety of resources like web pages, user submitted content, scanning of the books, publicly available data and database from the internet.

The first steps that search engines perform is called crawl.

This is the process to find the pages and resources which exists on the web. And the process of finding the resources and contents that is being added in the web is called crawling.

If web-pages are already crawled by google and other search engines, it is easy to find and know the web page. If google or other search engine goes to new page by following the link provided by the page that is already crawled, search engines will also be able to recognize it in fast track.

Another way to make search engines known about your web-page is to submit it to search engines by our self. In this situation, you need to submit pages (sitemap) for google so that it can easily crawl.

As a summary:

If you make a change on web pate, submit individual URL to search engine.

Have internal link building. The new page will be identified by the google with the help of your existing pages which are already crawled.

Give your homepage for crawl to search engine. Make sure you have good site navigation so that other pages will also be crawled.


The process where search engine understands about the page after crawling is termed as indexing. Here, contents, image catalogs, videos are analyzed and these information’s are stored in “Google Indexed”, a large repository.

Best techniques to improving your page indexing are :

Making title of the page meaningful and short.
To give the subject of the page properly, usage of page headings properly.
Maximizing the usage of text than image . Search engine understands text better than image and videos.

Serving / Ranking

The most relevant and accurate result is tried to be provided by search engines after a user types a query. Search engine tries to deliver answer with highest quality with best user experience.

For better serving/ranking

Page load should be faster.
Website should be mobile friendly.
Contents must be useful and updated.
Webmaster guidelines need to be followed.

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