Tips to Set Boundaries in Both Personal and Business Relationships

Learning to set boundaries in personal and business relationships is the most important part of feeling fulfilled at the end of the day. Unless you learn to set boundaries on what’s acceptable and unacceptable behavior you’ll be walked all over. That can easily happen when you’re too dependent on someone else-or that you believe your happiness comes from being with them.

Assess Resentment

Often this is something that builds up over time. In the beginning, your partner can do or say something you don’t like instead of letting them know how you feel immediately. They can assume it’s ok and keep repeating the behavior until you explode because your resentment has built up over time. It’s often best to let them know it’s unacceptable behavior.

Clue into Personal Preferences

Learn about your personal preferences so you don’t hang around the wrong people. You can be someone who sets boundaries for yourself and then connects with someone who likes to break the boundaries. This is another way you can have friction with your partner.

Seek Other Boundary Setters

When you are learning to set boundaries it’s preferable that you hang around someone going through when you allow someone else to dictate them to you by making you do something you truly don’t care about I same process. This way you can help each other learn the skills needed to learn to say “no” or to stand your ground when you need to.

Define What’s Most Important

The most important thing you can do is to learn about your own likes and dislikes. When you allow someone else dictate to you what you should or should like or do, then when you do start to stand your ground, it creates issues that were there because of your resentment that built up over time. This way you can also choose and make the right choices for yourself without allowing someone else to have control over your life

Practice Baby “Nos”

Learning to say NO to someone after they have learned to expect a YES from you can be difficult that’s why it’s important to learn to say No when you need to all along the way. That is why you should find a friend that will help you practice saying NO until you get used to using the word when you have to.

Revel in Some Guilt

Guilt is your conscience reacting to something you said or did. When you first learn to start setting boundaries you may feel guilty, but over time that feeling diminishes as you feel more comfortable doing so.

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