How to Become a Good Leader

Things you should consider if you plan to take a coaching course and coach your employees. Coaching is very much about having the right tools, and at the same time there are the ethical considerations you should make if you want to be a coach for your employees.

Before starting any coaching process, a contract should be drawn up between the coach and the focus person. It doesn’t exactly have to be either legally binding or a written contract with clauses and all. What i mean is that you must enter into a decidedly fatal agreement on what demands you place on each other, and you must make it clear from the start what you use, or do not use (not using would be preferable) the information you may receive during the coaching to.

It is important to remember that if something positive is to come out of coaching, it requires 100% trust between coach and coaches, and therefore you should consider whether you think you can or have built such trust from and towards your employees. Personal coaching can become personal for a reason, and you should think carefully before offering personal coaching as a manager to an employee.

During a coaching session , there may well be a need to turn the cache’s weak sides, and if there is the slightest shadow of doubt between you and your employee about what it might cost them to be 100% honest and admit their weak sides, they simply won’t do it, for fear of eventually firing themselves.

This is exactly why it can be ethically difficult to coach your employees, because if they show weakness and later lose their job, what exactly cost them their job and in that situation, what do you think the other employees think about you coaching them.

Note that i am not saying that for that reason you should give up on training as a coach, because there you can easily learn a lot about yourself and expand your leadership skills considerably anyway. And of course there is also plenty of personal development to be gained during such an education anyway.

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