Right Foods to Cure Baldness

Baldness is generally caused due to genetic reasons or for imbalance of hormones in the human body. Therefore, it cannot be completely cured by consuming the right food! Nevertheless it is important to watch your daily diet if you are balding as certain foods contain essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins that regulate the production of hormones. Eat food rich in nutritional values or turn to food supplements to cure baldness and get healthy strong hair.

Effective Ways To Cure Baldness


Zinc, iron, iodine and silica are the most important minerals that protect the hair from premature falling. Make sure to include small quantities of silica in everyday diet as this mineral absorbs all other minerals from foods. Doctors suggest the consumption of oat, barley, algae or millet for silica intake. Gorge on seafood like tuna and oyster; eat only lean red meat and also indulge in occasional poultry for sufficient iron intake.

For vegetarians, soy beans, raisins, fresh green leafy vegetables, almonds and apricots are the best sources of iron. Zinc increases the production of natural oil on the scalp and thus prevents balding. Eat zinc enriched food like lima beans, beef liver, cashewnuts and chickpeas. Iodine is the most common mineral found in daily food. Table salt, cow’s milk, strawberry and boiled eggs contain sufficient amounts of iodine to cure balding.


Vitamins D, E and B work most effectively to reduce loss of hair and thus prevent balding. The main source of vitamin D is sun’s rays. Since staying out long in the sun causes harm to the skin, consuming sufficient quantities of dairy products, cereals and fish will give you your daily share of vitamin D.

Vitamin E found in foods such as spinach, broccoli, peanut and almond stimulates the circulation of blood in the scalp and thus promotes hair colour growth. Vitamin E is the most effective vitamin in curing baldness. Eating foods such as carrot, beans and peas will provide vitamin B6 in the human body. It has been dermatologically tested that vitamin B prevents hair loss in menvery successfully.

Special mention should be made of vitamin C that is a good absorbent of other essential nutrients entering the body. Though vitamin C does not play a direct role in curing baldness, doctors suggest the consumption of citrus fruits to absorb the nutrients from other foods.

Food To Avoid To Cure Baldness

Diet rich in sugar must be avoided everyday to prevent hair loss and cure loss. Do not eat white sugar, swap it with sugar varieties. Also avoid adding sugar in your fruit juice and health drink and foods like pasta and white flour that contain high percentage of sugar. Protect your hair from premature falling by replacing sugars with fresh sweet fruits like strawberry, apricot, prune and raisin.

These fruits are not only free of sugar they also contain minerals and vitamins that cure baldness and aid hair growth. Also avoid eating fried stuff every single day of the week! Dietary supplements for curing baldness must be taken only after consultation with a medical practitioner.

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