The Benefits and Risks of Optional Coverage of Car Insurance

Essentials of voluntary benefits

The liability of the owner is the minimum required to ensure in car insurance agreement. Insurance companies also suggest other types of so-called voluntary or non-binding guarantees. These guarantees relate to aspects of the driver and the insured vehicle.

Guarantees concerning the driver

The only warranties for injuries suffered by the driver during an accident are issued in terms of body protection. These guarantees are attached to the driver or the vehicle. However, the warranty is not valid if the damaged vehicle is not the one mentioned in the insurance contract, but the insured driver is completely covered whichever the type of vehicle in question. Compensation may be fixed or calculated as sudden injury, it may involve medical or hospital expenses, compensation due to a temporary disability or a disability pension in case of death.

Car Guarantees

Damage guarantees cover every conceivable risk in an insurance contract says damage guarantee all risk. They can also be divided into several guarantees by the possibilities of the insured and the insurer offers. Damage collisions guarantees involve damage due to collision with another vehicle, a pedestrian or a pet. Theft guarantee reimburses all or part of the value of the lost vehicle besides the glass breakage warranty for damage suffered by the windshield, rear window, side windows, lights and sunroof. The fire insurance can cover damage due to fire, the explosions and lightning. The warranty covers storm damage mainly due to the wind. The guarantees are valid when natural disasters are officially recognized. Guarantee technological disasters for damage due to technological developments. Accessories and personal guarantees Occasional effects concern the contents of the car during a flight. Other services include guarantees of legal protection, assistance and replacement vehicles; they depend on the contract between the driver and the insurance company.

The validity of optional coverage

Optional benefits take effect only under conditions defined by the insurance companies, accepted and signed by the insured driver.

The conditions of validity of optional coverage

Optional benefits are valid only when the driver has entered into an agreement on the damage suffered with an insurance company. He must avoid as much as possible to the vehicle in situations conducive to accidents.

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